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Chapter 268 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • 2 -Suspecting Ann’s Life ExperienceCora lift up Ann and found out that the child didn’t gain weight. This was the same weight compared with the weight a few days ago. He maybe lose weight because of the illness.“Mommy…”Ann was hugged by Cora,but his face was still a little stingy. His physical discomfort made his little body unbearable, but in his mother’s embrace, he tried tocontrol his uncomfortable expression.However, he was just a child, and Cora Coraed he could not see how uncomfortable he was. Her heart was sore and she was worried.“Ann is so uncomfortable. Let the doctor come over to see.” She said towards Austin Lancaster, feeling distressed. Austin Lancaster also felt distressed and called the doctor over.The doctor said, “It’s not a big problem anymore. It will take time to recover. It’s only temporary,so try to coax him as much as possible.“Mommy, it’s not painfu Ann said thoughtfully when he saw that Cora almost shed tears, with his big eyes.
  • 2004Cora was shocked. Why was such a thoughtful child always ill?“You’ve been holding him for a long time, let me do it,” said Austin Lancaster. He saw Cora’s desire for Ann,lest she see anything.However, Ann was not happy, her eyes opened and he did not want him to hug her.“Mommy hug…” Ann became a little stubborn because of his illness.“Good, mother will be tired…” He said, hoping that Ann would obey, but Ann buried her face in the arms of Cora, catching her clothes.A “Let me do it.”Cora said softly.Ann’s dependence on her made her feel a little strange. Even more weird was that she felt a little close to this child. child. Seeing Ann was like seeing her Especially when Ann wasuncomfortable, she really wanted to do it for him. Isn’t this feeling strange for a child who isn’t her?Could she be so close to Ann?“Austin, where did Ann’smother go?” Cora asked.Ann was sick. When he.needed his mother, even if Austin was separated from Ann’s mother, at least, she should let her see Ann,right?T “Ann’s mother?
  • ” Austin’s body stiffened and his deep pupildodged.“Yes, Ann is sick. His mothershould come and see him. I wantto know that her child is sick, she must be very worried, right?”Hearing Cora’s waords,Austin’s gaze looked a little dodged and said indifferently, “Oh, I’ve already notified her.”Cora frowned. How did shefeel that the Austin’s answer was a little perfunctory?Did he really inform Ann’s mother? But for an entire day, whydidn’t Ann’s mother come over?“That’s already very late. I ll go. to get some food.” He get out of the ward when he finished his words.Cora looked at him more and more strangely. Why did she feel that Austin was evading? She had just mentioned Ann’s mother just now. His reaction was strangeCould it be that Ann’s motherhad any problems?At this moment, the nurse walked in to help Ann measure the temperature. She was surprisedwhen she saw that Ann was obediently staying in Cora’s arms.“Miss Cora, you and Ann reallylook like mother and son!”The nurse had taken care ofAnn last time. She was familiarwith Ann. She was surprised because she had never seen Annso close to anyone.
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