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Chapter 517 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • "I just came back today, my Cora, you really freaked me out." Carson said, looking at Cora's face, he regretted that he did have her. I He thought thatCora would be happy to be with Austin, but in fact, she had been hurt so badly. I "I'm fine!" Cora's smile was weak, making Carson feel even more distressed. I "Cora, doesn't say so much after you wake up, or take some more rest!" Austininterrupted the conversation. I He saw that the two of them were just talking, completely ignoring him on the side. and his heart was a little uncomfortable, but at this moment. Cora was so fragile that he did not want to compete with Carson, making Cora's heart even more uncomfortable. I Cora hearhis words and just looked athim lightly. I Austin himself might not know about it She heard something of his phone call with the security guards. She knew that he was going to find Mary, so once again he ignored her because of Mary. I "Don't you feel sorry for Mary? It's better if I give up the position of Mrs. Austin and let Mary get it. "I If she had not lost her child, she might have been able to tolerate Mary's insidious and vicious spirit. After all, her brother was the savior of Austin. Even if she was his wife. she would be wronged. But Mary killed her child. How could she endure it?I "Well, Mary has never had such a thought!" Austin said in shock.
  • I He knew that Cora losing the child would be a big blow, but he never thought that this was Mary did, and there was no evidence of everything that Cora saidl "You're so clever Austin, why couldn't you have noticed Mary's thoughts to you? Or did you pretend you couldn't see and deceived. your heart? how can you not find that even though you lost your children. How stupid you arel Cora's tone was cold. When she saw that Austin was still unbelieving in it, there was a tear. I "Cora, Mary" Austin wanted to speak for Mary, but was interrupted by Carson: "What she wants now is rest. Since you care so much about Mary's feelings, you can take care of her, i can take care of Cora well. I won't let anything go wrong again.
  • "I Carson endured the anger in his heart. If it was not for Cora that he would be tolerated now, he would have to fight fiercely with Austin "My wife doesn't need any other man to take care!" Austin immediately stepped forward and said coldly.I "But you can't take care of her. I can't just watch her lose her life because of you."I There was irony in his eyes. When Cora be sent to the emergency room, he had already asked people to checkAustin'ss movements. He did not expect him to find Mary.1 His wife was in such a dangerous state. and he still had the thought to see other women. No matter what excuse he had, it was unforgivable, so this time, Carson did not have to be patient I "I "Austin's eyes trembled, not because of Carson's words, but because of Cora's sarcastic eyes. I "You take care of Mary!" there was alienation in Cpra's eyes. She closed her eyes. I The rift between them had started to grow slowly!! Austin could not help but take a step back. Cora let him leave at this time. He knew that she must have misunderstood him. He wanted to explain it, but when he saw how Cora was weak, all the words swallowed back. Everything was his fault. It was not wrong to be resentful.
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