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Chapter 519 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Carson nodded and said. "In the past two days. I see that her emotions are not good. It might be that she walked into a dead end. It seems that losing her child has hit her so much that she can't accept it at all."I Dr. Hills's eyebrows frowned and she looked at Cora as she sat beside Ann's bed. I She asked, "Whereis Austin ?"I Before that, she was still very optimistic about Joe's wishful t. After all, he treats Cora very well. She thought that Cora was married. to the right person. But at this moment. Cora suffers such pain. Where did the man go when her heart broke down?! "He's going to find Mary!" Carson's tone was extremely cold when it came to Austinl This man did not take care of his rescued wife and went to see another woman!! "What, he actually went to see another woman!" Dr. Hills could not help but yell and shocked Cora in the ward. I This man did not take care of his rescued wife and went to see another woman!! "What, he actually went to see another woman!" Dr.Hills could not help but yell and shocked Cora in the ward. I Auntie Hills!" Cora pushed the door out. Although her face had been wiped dry, her flushed eyes suggested that she had cried.
  • "Cora, I'll come round and see how you are." Since he had been seen by Cora. Dr. Hills made an excuse to say that she was here. I "Oh, okay." Cora lie on the bed obediently and actively cooperate with Dr. Hills's examination. I "What's wrong? Auntie, do I have any more health problems?" Cora asked willingly. I Because of the examination, the curtain by the bed had been pulled down Carson could not see what was going on inside I Dr Hills sighed This time Cora bleed. The situation was serious. Even though she had been rescued, her weakened body was even worse. Especially in the womb, it was not difficult to have children in the future.I Cora see Dr. Hills just sigh and not say anything. I "Is it not possible for me to have children again?" Cora asked. her face calm as if she was not sad about the situation. I Dr. Hills was stunned, and then she explained: "It's not impossible either, but the odds are very small. "I But it was so small. Unless there was a miracle. Cora would never get pregnant again. Of course, Dr. Hills did not dare say anything to her. I Cora laughed. There was a hint of sadness in her eyebrows. She said.
  • "Even If I have chance to having children in the future. I won't have a child. Because I'm not a qualified mother. I've let them not have a complete life.. "I Even though she was smiling, the despair in her eyes became more apparent. Dr. Hills suddenly remembered what Carson had said to her earlier. If Ann was gone. Cora might really be.... "Cora, don't do anything stupid!" Dr. Hills said almost in horror. She gripped Cora tightly, and the pain in her eyes overflowed.I "My baby, no matter how much trouble we encounter, we have to be well. Your mother is looking at you inheaven and she will definitely hope that you will live well."I My Mother?! Cora twitched, her mother told her before her death, no matter how the world treated her, she would let herself live well. I Dr. Hills finished the examination. pulled the curtain open, and continued to Cora "Cora, something will always pass. "I Cora looked at her eagerly, but Dr. Hills was determined inxher eyes. But he could not be revived. The child in her stomach was gone and Ann could not be saved. I She had thought that things could go by, but her children were leaving her How could she be?I Seeing Cora not to speak. Doctor Hills sighed. After she packed up for Cora, she opened the curtain and bumped into Carson's nervous face.I "Take good care of Cora." Fortunately, there was always someone beside her who was concerned. Dr. Hills. had to check other rooms, soshe left after telling him. I Just now, the conversation between Dr. Hills and Cora were listened to by Carson. When he sat down beside Cora. he was worried in his eyebrows. I "Cora, if you want to get Austin back I can "I Carson thought that Cora would be So sad that he had a lot to do with the Austin To makeCora well, he would continue to look at her from behind. I "No need!" Cora immediately refused.I The moment he left here looking for Mary, her heart was already cold.
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