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Chapter 485 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • "Austin leader, I've checked. The two of them are fugitives in Boston. This is their first case in New Orleans. The director lowered his head and his forehead was sweating. I "Mmm..." Austin answered, but his expression was still cold.I His sharp eyes made the director tremble. He stood in front of Austin, and he almost felt that he was the one who was guilty. I "What are you going to do about it?" Austin asked. I Since the two of them were from such a background. Austin had no doubts about it, but they could not punish them simply. I "Rape has been held in prison for at least three to five years, and they have been absconding. They have to stay in prison for the rest of their lives."I "Lifetime?" Austin narrowed his eyes for they hurt his woman. I "Of course, they won't be easy in the prison After all, their crimes are too serious, so it's normal for anything to happen inside.
  • them " It did not matter if the two of them died I "Although these two men are extremely evil, they have good looks. "I The moment he spoke, the Secretary immediately understood the meaning of Austin. The twohad to die. They had dared to do something to the Chief's woman. Chief Austin was able to get the two of them to be over easily.I The reason why Austin said that the two of them looked like beautiful was that he wanted to revenge against them for his woman. In the prison, the man was pretty sissy, but in the eyes of a group of men who had not had a woman for many years, the sissy was a woman. I That's why he wanted to let the two of them enjoy the insulted feelings, and this was definitely better for a man. I "Don't worry, and I'll handle this properly." the director said immediately. I "Mmm, since they want to sit in a prison for a lifetime, then let them enjoy the taste of the prison They can't die easily "I The Secretary's heart was shocked. This was the demand of Austin. I After Austin commanded, he turned and walked towards the car. The secretary looked at the two women in the car and was confused. Austin saved the two women, and his mouth said that that was his woman. ?
  • Or... both of them?I However, the secretary did not dare look at it for too long. He did not dare to investigate the private affairs of the Chief, so he quickly turned around to deal with the two gangsters. I "Go home!" Austin ordered the security guards to drive the car to home. After Cora entering the door with Mary, she sorted out and recovered. I Mary's situation was worse. Because she had been punched a few times when confronting the gangsters, and even her face was scarred. I Austin called the home and did a series of examinations for Mary. I "How's it?" As the doctor finished his examination, he asked I "This young lady is suffering from trauma It'll be fine for a while We'll put some ointment on these days. I Mary nodded obediently and said. "Good doctor. I remember. "I Cora saw Mary's wounds at this moment. The doubts in her eyes had not completely disappeared. She still did not think that Mary was the kind of person who could make sacrifices to protect her.1. Mary must have a purpose! !!! It wasn't her small stomach and she really didn't understand how someone who had previously wanted her to die could suddenly change her temper. There must be a problem. I But since Mary had already pretended. then she would take a look at what she was doing. I "Mary, thank you very much today. If I didn't have you. I might be insulted by those two people." Cora said gratefully to Mary. I "Cora, you're welcome. We're family.
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