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Chapter 568 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • The assistant looked at Austin's gloomy face. She could not help but think that if she had just recommended a bikini, would she have been hit?I "My husband cares about my outfit, so please recommend the... one-piece suit... plus conservative style!"I Since she couldn't reveal her belly button, one-piece swimwear probably would do. Cora thought. I The assistant found a swimwear in conservative style. I Looking at the swimsuit, the assistant's expression was a little weird. Actually, no one would wear this style nowadays. It's conservative, but it's just too old-fashioned. I "This will do!"I Austin was the first to make the decision. His eyes were fixed on the swimsuit and he felt that it was still too sexy. How could this swimsuit have such spacious room for chest and how could it match with such a short skirt?I Cora's lips twitched, this one?I She remembered that her mother wore such a swimwear when she was alive, so she was to dress in a retro style?I However, when she saw that Austin was still a little disgusted, she knew that if she wanted another one, it would be more difficult than traveling to Mars Forget it, as long as she could swim in the sea, it didn't matter.
  • I However, when Cora came out in this swimsuit, Austin started to regret it again. I The swimsuit was red, giving one a slightly old-fashioned feeling. In addition, the style was conservative, and it seemed like it would not be too eye- catching, so he chose this one, but...I This swimsuit looked so sexy on Cora. Her skin was fair, which made the color of the swimwear especially bright. Even though the swimsuit covered most of her body. it's tight. It revealed the perfect curve of Cora and made her even more eye-catching.I Seeing Cora like this. Austin's throat tensed up and he immediately stepped forward to block her. I "Cora, how about not swimming today?"I What?I She had just changed her clothes and came out, but he told her not to swim. Was he tricking her? Cora looked at him with some frustration and found that Austin was standing in front of her and refused to let go.l "Didn't you say I can swim today? Do you want to take back your words again?" Cora squinted as she said with intimidation. I She had already figured it out. If she was to be blocked, then she would never let him sleep on her bed tonight!! "No. Cora, you're too attractive. The men here are too dangerous." As he said. he stared at people around them until everyone did not dare to look at Cora.l Did he find this swimsuit attractive?I Cora's eyes twitched a few times, and she smiled especially bright in the sun. I "Austin..."I Her tone was a little coquettish. which softened his heart.I "What's wrong. Cora?" Austin immediately asked with "fire" in his eyes. I There was a hint of slyness in Cora's eyes.
  • She pushed him away and quickly ran towards the beach. I me."I "I'm going to swim, don't try to stop Cora knew that he could run fast and would soon catch up with her, but she was optimistic because she was very close to the sea, so she could arrive at the seaside before he could catch up. As long as she was in the water, what else could he do?l When she thought of this. Cora sped up a lot. I As Austin saw her running towards the sea, there was a helpless expression in his eyes. I Actually, if he really wanted to chase after her, how could he not be able to catch up with her? It's just that she wanted to go swimming so badly that he couldn't bear to disappoint her. I "Ha-ha, Austin. I will get into the water!" Cora finally reached the beach and shouted excitedly towards Austin. I "Slow down, warm up first to avoid cramping."I Austin reminded her. He did not catch up this time because he was afraid that Cora would jump into the water 1747 anxiously when she saw him chasing after her, thus she could be in danger. I Cora understood what he meant, so she slowly got into the water. I The cool feeling on the skin was very comfortable for her. Cora took a deep breath, feeling the temperature of the sea.l Sure enough, it was the most comfortable to stay in water. Cora sighed. This was the best enjoyment as she squinted to enjoy the sea breeze. I At this time. Austin also slowly came to her side, looking at her pleasant face, a doting smile appeared on his face. I "Is it comfortable?"I Hearing the voice of Austin, Cora suddenly opened her eyes. "You, when did you come here?"I When he came over, she didn't even hear a sound. She was really scared Cora glared at him. I "I've just come over. I'm calling your name, but you seem to be immersed in your own world and didn't hear anything!"I It turned out that she had lost her mind. Cora was embarrassed. However. Austin may not be loud enough, so she did not hear him. I Austin looked at the changing expression on Cora's face, the smile on his face became even wider.I "Didn't you want to swim? Let's get started!" Austin said. I When she heard about swimming. Cora was excited.
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