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Chapter 580 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Cora knew that it would cost a lot to build a laboratory. Of course, money was not a problem for her. However, in addition to the funds, she needed someone to help her. It would not be possible forher to build a laboratory in a short period of time by herself. I At this moment, the only person in her mind was David King, the acting CEO who was recommended to her by Austin!! David answered call respectfully. "Chairman, do you have any orders?"| Under normal circumstances. Cora would not call him, so David King understood that Cora wanted him to do something. I Although David was reliable, he was the person who followed Austin's order There was no guarantee that he would not tell Austin about it. So, she could not tell the truth. She needed to find an excuse. I "Oh, here is the thing. I have an aunt who is obsessed with medicine and she wants to have a laboratory, so I want to help her to make her dream come true. David. I have trouble with this matter Can you help me as soon as possible?" Cora continued. I David heard that Cora wanted to set up a laboratory, he was a little surprised. However, Austin asked him to follow Cora's order.I Of course, he still called Austin and told him about it. I Austin heard that Cora wanted to build a laboratory for her aunt, he immediately understood that was Dr. Hills, so he didn't think much about it: "Since Cora gave you the order, just follow it."I After Davidhung up, he immediately began to prepare for building the lab because Cora was in a hurry.
  • That night, Dr. Hills made a call to Cora: "Cora. I've analyzed it, this drug will not harm Ann's body, you can give him some medicine first."I Cora was relieved to hear that and she immediately gave the medicine to Ann.l It was already eight o'clock in the evening, and Austin did not return yet. It looked like he was busy today. I She was in Ann's room observing Ann's condition and was waiting for Austinto return home. I It was ten o'clock, and Ann didn't show any sign of drug allergy. Cora relaxed and she left Ann's room. I WouldAustin be back today? It was already so late!! Cora looked out of the window. Soldiers were standing outside. I Could it be that Austin's boss knew that data had been leaked? Austin had been investigated? Cora thought about it with unease.l No, no, no, no. it's not possible, she didn't give all data to Dr. Mark. Even if he wanted to do anything, he shouldn't be that quick. I Cora could not sit down peacefully because she could not connect Austin. She moved back and forth in the room. I Suddenly, there was the sound of a car moving outside, and Cora walked to the window.l Austin came back!! Under the faint moonlight, she saw that Austin got out of the car and he raised his head up and saw her. I He quickly entered the house and went to the room. I "Austin..."I Cora had a thousand words to say. but now, she could not say anything.
  • Apologies and regrets were intertwined in her heart, which made her feel uncomfortable. I "It's all my fault. I didn't tell you I will come back late." Austin thought that Cora was anxious from waiting for him, so he hugged her into his arms, and he was blaming himself.I Cora was stunned and did not expect that he would apologize for this. I "It's none of your business. It's just that I can't sleep so I am waiting for you." Cora said it immediately. She did not want him to bear the unnecessary apology.I Austin slightly loosened Cora and saw that Cora had worry for him in her eyes. Austin felt so sweet. I Cora felt guilty because she had stolen the name list. She was so upset when she saw Austinbeing so happy because he thought she was waiting for him. I "It's too late. You must be hungry. Take a shower first. I'll make some midnight snack for you."I Hearing that Cora was going to make him a midnight snack. Austin's eyes lit up.I "No need." he refused. I He married Cora because he wanted her to be his princess. He did not want Cora to cook for him at all. She was his treasure. I Cora turned her head and said. "Does Chief Austin think that I cannot make a delicious midnight snack for him?"I Austin shook his head. How could that be? In his opinion. Cora was the best cook in this world. Anything that Cora made would taste good to him even if it was bad. I "If it's not, go and take a shower. The snack will be ready when you finished shower." She went to the kitchen after she finished conversation. I What she didn't know was that Austin was smiling happily. I "She's so sweet," Austin said.
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