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Chapter 276 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • -Departure Austin Lancaster Forever “Manli, thank you for telling me about this.” Bates thanked Sun Manli: “I’ll take Austin back.” Seeing Bates have indeed been caused a fight, Sun Manli was very satisfied. She didn’t have to do anything, just watch Bates fight with Cora. If Bates was not the rival to Cora, it wouldn’t affect her. Of course, it would be best if Bates can defeat Cora. Anstin Lancaster didn’t Bates who was innocent. It was so easy to deal with her. “Bates, you don’t have to worry. Mother likes you so much. Sooner or later, you’re a member of Austin’s family.” Sun Manli comforted, but there was a trace of ridicule in her eyes. Bates had lowered her head. Austin’s mother and sister had supported her, and she would definitely take Austin Lancaster back from Cora. At this time, Austin’s mothher came over and ordered them to eat. Sun Manli immediately raised Bates’ hands and walked towards the dining room, looking like a good sister. “Bates, the first time I saw you, I thought we were related, but I didn’t bring you a gift today. I’ll definitely make it up for you next time.” Sun Manli said affectionately.
  • Bates felt that Sun Manli was sincere and touched. “It doesn’t have to be that trouble. Since it’s a fate, it’s the same whether it’s a gift or not,” Bates said immediately. “I’m so happy that Bates treated me like a friend,” Sun Manli said. This woman was really easy to lie to. She had treated her like a friend in a few words. No wonder she would be cheated by Cora. However, it was just fine to have no brain, so it was easy to use The two of them came to the restaurant and sit down, and Austin Lancaster’s mother enthusiastically serve them, but Sun Manli said with a smile. “Mother, I’m a regular customer here. You can just do it yourself, but you can do more for your future daughter —in -law. Bates is still a little shy. Maybe she wouldn’t dare to eat anymore…” Sun Manli’s words made Bates’ face instantly red.
  • Although she came over often, she had hardly ever eaten here. At this moment, Sun Manli said so, just to put it through her current psychology. “As long as your mouth is poor, don’t mind, Bates. Manli is a big mouth. Don’t worry, treat this place as your own home, don’t be estranged anymore.” Austin’s mother smiled and said, Bates immediately nodded. “Okay…” Bates nodded herhead, gratefully looked at Sun Manli and found that she was blinking at her. Sun Manli looked at the grateful expression on Bates’ face and responded with a smile on her face, but her heart was very disdainful. Bates, you are destined to be a blade in my hands. I will use you to break up Austin Lancaster and Cora, and then replaced her. But now, all she had to do was to convince Bates that she was on her side.
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