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Chapter 255 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • He… When she thought about Austin Lancaster, Cora’s heart felt even more uncomfortable. When she had just heard about the child’s death, she wanted to die. But now she knew that the child wasn’t dead, and that there was Austin Lancaster. So she didn’t want to die. On the second day, a few people in white coats came over. Cora’s heart tightened and she was frightened to escape, but she was quickly pressed onto the bed. “It’s this woman. Is it easy to see what’s on her?” The gangster’s boss asked. Cora trembled as she watched the people near him and shouted in panic.“No… no!” She desperately wanted to get rid of her control, but they had tied her hands and feet to the bed, and she had nothing to do. As they watched these people holding the instrument to check on her, the whole body of blood had coagulated.
  • “Very good, her body is very good, all the organs are very healthy and ready for use.” When she finally heard this, she was covered in cold sweat.This was to completely empty her body. It was really scary. These people were all demons, the devil who lived on earth. But she was tied up on the bed, and she could not even struggle. “Haha, yes, please inform the customer quickly.” The gangster said with a smile, very satisfied in looking at Coraes. Cora felt that this was hell on earth. They had actually snatched her up so fiercely that they would take her organs fiercely.There were countless voices in her heart calling for help, but who would come to save her now? “Okay, let’s push her in!” After hanging up, the gangster said to the doctor. Cora he could only feel like fish on a cutting board, and she could be slaughtered. There was even a small operating room here. All kinds of equipment were available.
  • Cora’s heart was even more frightened. She wanted to scream, but her voice disappeared in her throat.Her eyes were staring at everything here. She was horrified at the rows of surgical blades. “Don’t worry, you’ll know nothing after a while.” The doctor in the white coat said to Cora. No! He was not a doctor. The black doctor took a tube of reagent and injected it into Coraful arm.-Cora, don’t be afraid “It’s anesthesia, you’ll die very peacefully!” The black doctor said coldly.He was clearly killing her, but it seemed like she was the angel in white. What should I do? Is she really dying? Cora’s heart was trembling, so she couldn’t think that she would die like this! No! But as her consciousness slowly blurred, her eyes closed and in the end, only a line of tears left her. “She’scompletely unconscious. It’s time to start.” The .black doctor’s face was filled with excitement.
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