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Chapter 340 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • -They Look Very Much Alike Someone knocked on the door outside. The nanny thought it was Cora, so she opened the door and realized that it was not Cora. "Who are you? Why are you here?" Norman saw that it was not Cora to open the door. The nanny looked at him very rudely, and there was a hint of disgust in her eyes, but if he was Cora's guest, she still could not offend him. "Miss Cora is out now. I'm helping her taking care of her house here," said the nanny. Hearing Cora went out, Norman lost his interest. He couldn't do anything, since Cora was not here. "Mommy, Mommy ..." Just as Norman turned around, Ann walked out. He thought it was Cora, when he heard the door open.
  • Norman turned around in shock. When he saw that the child were exactly the same as Cora, his eyes suddenly lit up. "This is Cora's child?" This child must be Cora's child, otherwise why did he look the same as Cora? But wasn't that child sold by Daisy? When did she find him? "No, this is Mr. Lancaster's son The nanny knew that this person had no good intentions. She mentioned Austin's name in order to let Norman retreat without disturbing Ann. "Mr. Lancaster?" Norman suddenly felt like he had found out a New World. He looked at Ann again, mumbled, and quickly walked away. The nanny was a little confused. Ann and Miss Cora did look alike, but Ann was not Miss Cora's child. When she saw the villa, a light shone from Cora's eyes. This villa was almost the same as the one she had lived in in high school. At that time, she was still very young and naive; she was still looking forward to having a happy family.
  • Now it seemed that her thoughts at that time were too childish. However, even though her thoughts at that time were very naive, the house she dreamed of was very beautiful. When she saw this house, she still longed for the happy life. Carson Walker stopped the car and walked over. "Cora, your design is really homely. Even i want to have such a home." When Carson Walker said this, his gaze was fixed on Cora. He was not willing to look away. Now, there were few opportunities to see Cora. He cherished every second he spent with her together. Listening to his words, Cora was a little strange. She smiled and said, Yes? But you really should have such a perfect home." Austin wore a harsh expression on her face. Carson did not give up on Cora. While Cora was watching inside, Austin said to Carson Walker, "This villa is interesting. It can attract Cora's attention. The owner of the villa is not you, right?" Carson Walker's heart tightened.
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