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Chapter 543 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • As Long As You Were Therel |- Austin knew that Cora was afraid, He said with concern: "No. I can't let you lie on the operating table alone. Don't be well today. I'll be with you tomorrow morning."I At this moment. Cora heard another voice from the other end of the phone as if the security guard was saying something. Austin told her: "Cora. I have some things to deal with. I'll hang up After I've finished. I'll come over for you immediately, so don't be afraid. huh?"I Cora suddenly felt a sore nose. He felt it. He felt that she was afraid.I "Mmm, I'll wait for you!" She suddenly felt like she was his little wife at this moment. She heard the man's voice of concern and was moved to tears I After hanging up, Cora took the cup and drank the water in one sip. Although it was plain water without any taste, she felt sweetness.I As night came. Cora had dinner, and after playing with Ann in another ward for a while, she returned to her ward. I She was going to do a skin transplant tomorrow. She was very nervous. She touched her gauze-covered face.
  • This face had not been seen by others for a long time. She wondered if it would return to its original state after tomorrow. Alas, after all, a woman still cared about her appearance, so at this moment. Cora was especially concerned. I "Mrs. Austin, you should rest." At this moment, the nurse came in and reminded her.1 Cora nodded and took off her shoes to lie down. Seeing her being obedient. the nurse gently closed the door of the ward and left I However, although Cora was in bed, she did not feel any sleepiness at all I From nine o'clock to eleven. for three hours, although she closed her eyes, she didn't want to sleep at all Maybe she slept a lot during the day, so she couldn't sleep at night?! Cora sat up and poured herself a cup of water. She was depressed and thought that if she didn't rest well today, it would affect the surgery. I Cora gave herself an order. She must fall asleep before half past eleven. but the more she forced herself, the more she could not sleep. I Why was she so useless? Wasn't it just a minor operation? Why was she so afraid?I Suddenly, the door to the ward was pushed open, and Corawas suddenly startled. Who would come over at this time? Could it be the nurse?But it's already almost twelve o'clock. I As the door was slowly pushed open. Cora saw Austin. I "Why are you here?" Cora asked as she looked at Austin in surprise.I Didn't he say that he would come over in the morning? Why did he come here at this time?I "I knew you couldn't sleep." Austin sighed, he saw that Cora was sitting on the bed and quickly walked over.
  • I "It's so late. Why did you come over?" Cora asked, puzzled. It was almost twelve o'clock. Shouldn't he already be asleep by this time?! "Just finished my work, sleep. I'll stay with you." Austin did not say much. he just took off his shoes and jacket, then held Cora in his arms. I Perhaps his embrace was too warm. or maybe she felt safe because of him. After a while, Cora fell asleep. I Hearing the sound of even breathing. Austin opened his eyes and kissed on her head. He said guiltily. "Cora, I'm sorry!"! He should have finished work earlier and shouldn't have made her being afraid for so long.I The time for the operation would be at eight o'clock in the morning, but because she did not rest well at night, it was already past eight in the morning. I "Oh, it's been time, why didn't anyone call me for surgery?" Cora said in surprise.I "Don't worry, the operation has been postponed to nine o'clock. You should have breakfast first. A nurse will push you to the operating room later. "I Austin put breakfast in front of Cora.l Cora immediately understood that Austin changed time to get her to sleep a little longer. But wouldn't this take up resources? After all, the doctors in the hospital were not prepared for her alone. I "Don't worry, there's only one operation this morning." It seemed as if Austin knew her mind, and he immediately explained the situation.
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