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Chapter 555 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • When she arrived in front of the Austin's house, she took out a mirror and tidied herself up. It wasn't until she confirmed that she was refined and perfect not know how Adam heard about her pregnancy and he locked her up! That person was crazy. He even said that he loved her and even wanted to live with her forever. I It's ridiculous. After today. Adam would be the prisoner, while she.Mary. would be the wife of Austin. Adam would only be a stepping stone for her!! There were few clouds in the sky. and the stars were exceptionally bright. Mary looked at the sky and the smiles on her face became more and more brilliant. Even God was blessing her to be his wife!! "Come in!" Austin closed the curtain and stopped paying attention to Mary. but the hatred in his eyes did not disappear I Just as he looked at Coraby his side. a worried expression appeared on his face: "Cora, be careful later."I Mary's thoughts were vicious, and he was afraid that Cora would lose to her. I Looking at the changes of his expression. Cora smiled. "I'll be careful After all, I've had so many losses in the battle. I have the basic precautions. Meanwhile. I have youprotecting me from behind!" that she knocked the door. I Austin looked at Mary's appearance from the surveillance camera, his eyes became increasingly cold. I When would a homeless person be so refined?I The nanny opened the door for Mary. As soon as she entered, she set her eyes on the second floor. To be exact, it should be the wedding room of Austin and Cora. I WasAustin in the room?I She reached for her bag subconsciously, her eyes flashed with excitement. After this day, this room would bethe love nest of herandAustin!! "Where isAustin?" Mary frowned slightly. Shecame over as soon as she finished the call. Did Austin not expect her to be so fast, so he didn't come downstairs to meet her?| "Mr.Austin is in the room." The nanny replied, and then she turned around and left for the kitchen to make marysome tea.l Mary looked at the room again. Austin was inside. Should she take a move? Her eyes flashed as she walked towards the kitchen. I "It's already late at night. I'll just have some milk, and I'll pour a glass of milk for Austin as well. You can go and rest, I'll bring them to Austin.
  • "I placed the drug in one cup while the nanny was not paying attention. I Looking at the rapidly melting drug Mary took out the milk from the fridge and poured it into two cups, then in the milk. Mary raised her lips.I She took the milk and walked towards Austin's room. There was flirtatious scene in her mind. She felt herself walking in the cloud. I "Austin, may I come in?" Mary knocked softly on the door. I But there was no response. Mary frowned slightly. Wasn't Austin inside? How could there be no sound? Could it be that he was asleep?I This time. Mary amplified the sound of knocking on the door. I Knock, knock, knock...I Perhaps it was because it was already late at night, and the nanny had returned to her room to rest, so the whole house looked exceptionally quiet. The sound of knocking the door echoed in the house, sounding extremely creepy. I Mary suddenly felt a little uneasy. This was the house that Cora had lived in. and she had killed Cora...I After swallowing her saliva. Mary kept comforting herself that there was no ghost in the world, and this slightly eased her nervousness. I "Austin. I'm in." Seeing Austin did not respond. Mary put her hand on the handle and opened the door. I "Austin..." Shelooked at the bed, Austin did not open the door for her. She thought he was asleep. I Suddenly... all the lights dimmed.I Mary panicked. A power failure? But why did she suddenly become more and more uneasy?! "Austin..." Fortunately, the curtains weren't drawn. Under the faint moonlight. she looked at the bed again.I "Ah!" Mary screamed at the top of her lungs. She widened her eyes in fear and even in the darkness, one could see her fear. I With a bang, the cup in her hand fell to the ground, making her feel slippery Mary was shocked. I "Co... Cora!" It was a long time before she could speakagain and she shouted at the woman on the bed. I The face of the woman on the bed couldn't be seen at all as gauze wrapped around it. All she could see was her eyes. However, Mary recognized that she was Cora at a glance. Because Coradied from an explosion, so she would be like this..... "Mary. I've been waiting for you for a long time!"I Mary's whole body trembled. I "You... aren't you dead? What are you doing here?"I She was an atheist, she had personally seen that the body of Cora had been cremated, so she confirmed that Cora was dead. I The appearance of Cora in such an environment scared her to death. I Cora sneered, and then said disdainfully to Mary: "You killed me and my child, and you want to take my man away, did you think I would not be here?"I Marywas shocked. She did not expect Cora to return in such a way. She could fight with a human, but how could she fight with a ghost?l Coragot down from the bed and slowly walked towards Mary.
  • leaving wet footprints behind. A gust of wind blew away the scent of blood in the room. I "You... What do you want?" Mary looked at Corawho was approaching her in horror. I "Mary, you should know, you will die the same way as I do!"I Cora said in a cold tone. But in Mary's ears, it was like the sound from hell. I "I, no... It was Adam who abused you. It was Adam who used a bomb to bombard you like this. It was not me Everything was done by Adam. Your enemy is Adam.... If you want to revenge. go and find him... "Mary shouted and held Adam accountable for all of these.I However, Cora did not listen, and she continued to move closer to her. "Then... What about my child? Mary. return my child to me..."I Mary fell to the ground in shock. The debris of the cup on the ground pierced her skin, but she had no time to take care of it.I "Ann was destined to be short-lived. I just gave him a quick death!" Mary said in tears. I At this moment, she had fallen deeply into fear. She did not know what she had said, and just wanted to explain herself.I In the dark. Austin looked at Mary and clenched his fists tightly. This was the woman he had loved as his sister for so many years, and she did all this to his loved woman and her kid?| Moreover, it was not enough for her to kill her and her child. She even wanted to replace her with someone else's kid!! Cora stepped forward and stared at Mary's eyes with a loud shout. "Quick death? So everything was plotted by you. You and Adam teamed up to kidnap me and my kid, and then used a time bomb to kill us andCarson, who came tosave our lives, together?I Cora's tone was ruthless, and it sounded extremely terrifyingfor Mary.
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