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Chapter 490 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • When he came out of the bathroom again. Cora were already weak. When he saw this, he immediately picked her up and walked towards the room. I "The doctor will be here soon. You can hold on." said Austinworriedly. I Mary couldn't wait to pull Cora out of Austin's arms. This was hers!! But did Cora she really pregnant? Mary's heart sank, and a trace of innocence flashed in her eyes. Even if she was really pregnant. this child would never be able to be safely born. She must not cause trouble for her !! The doctor came over not long after. Auntie Lee brought him into the room and looked at the way Cora to lie on the bed. I She secretly glanced at Mary, but after being stared fiercely at Mary, she quickly lowered her head and felt guilty in her eyes. I Doctor, how is my wife?" Austin's attention was focused on Cora. When he saw the doctor as he had been diagnosed, he immediately asked the doctor. I "The chief Austin, Mrs. Austin is fine. She's just pregnant. "I What?I Pregnant!! As if there was a thunder. Austin and Cora were both startled.I "How is this possible? Doctor, are you mistaken? I've eaten a drug before and said it would affect fertility." Cora asked excitedly.
  • Cora had no doubts about Dr. Hills's words, but at this moment, there was no reason for the doctor to trick her into being pregnant. She was now shocked and happy. and her eyes looked at her stomach in disbelief.I "It only affects, but it's not infertility Mrs Cora, but it's already been a few days before pregnancy. This is because of the effect of eating the drug by mistake "When he said Cora's reaction, the doctor's eyebrows frowned. "Mrs. Austin, you weren't in good health. You've mistakenly taken some medicine. Now, it's not easy to keep this child. "I Cora nodded willingly. She was still filled with joy. I Because she had not been pregnant these days and she watched the time go day by day. her heart was extremely anxious. She did not want to drop the chain.I Now that she knew that there was a life in her stomach, her heart relaxed. I "Thank you, doctor. I'll be extra careful." Cora said gratitude immediately. She would never let this child have any problems. I At this moment. Austin's face was both surprise and worry. This was the child they were looking forward to, but the existence of this child was bound to affect the life of Coral The corners of Mary's eyes were filled with gloom. Cora this slut was actually pregnant!l Her gaze fell on Cora's stomach as if it were a knife. She could not wait to get that bastard out to death. How did Cora to have Austin's child?I However, she quickly regained her expression and her face changed into a congratulatory expression.
  • "That's great, congratulations! With this child. Ann will be saved." Mary said happily. ICora's face stunned. She was too excited just now. She forgot that Mary was still on the side. At this moment, when she heard Mary say congratulations in her mouth, she did not feel half congratulated. I "Thank you!" Cora's smile on her face would not change, but she was extremely alert.I She looked at Mary with a weird smile on her face. Was this the same woman who threatened her to leave Austin? How can a person change so much? Even if she was really relieved at first glance, when she heard that the man she liked had a child with another woman, she might be afraid and depressed.I The more wishes and congratulations Mary showed, the more she suspected. I At this time. Austin told the doctor. "Thank you. I'll send you out. "I Mary took the initiative and said considerately. "Austin Cora was just pregnant. You can accompany her, and I'll just go to send doctor."
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