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Chapter 303 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • “If you want something to happen, I’ll find you!” Carson Walker’s face was dark. If he was \not eager to find the whereabouts of Cora, he would definitely go back and beat up Austin Lancaster. The status of Cora wassimple, so how could it be unexpected? The only possibility was that he was implicated by Austin Lancaster.The whole New Orleans didnot have the whereabouts of Cora,which made Austin Lancasterer look cold.In the end, it was impossible for anyone to get away with Cora. Moreover, when she left, she was so anxious that she did not even get her bag, which indicated that she had encountered a very urgent matter.Even the last time she went to Florida to find a child, she went home to pack up her salaries before going over, but this time, she walked too quickly and did not have any stay at all.“CEOLancaster, Miss Cora’s undercover is back.” The security guard immediately reported to the police. The person who knew most about Cora at the moment was probably the undercover guard sentby the head of Austin Lancaster. His arrival obviously brought a glimmer of hope.“Let him come right now,” Austin Lancastersaidanxiously.
  • When the undercover came in, he looked guilty. He had failed to \protect Miss Cora and had failedAustin’s trust.“What’s going on?” Austin Lancaster immediately asked. He didn’t want to pursue anything now, he only wanted to know the news of Cora.The Undercover heard his questioning and said his experience . “It’s all of hissubordinates who have lost their jobs, and have been stunned byothers.The secret guard looked regretfulthat if he knew that it was a bad plan, he would not have easily left Cora. Austin’s face became even more solemn. He knew exactly what his undercover was. The secret guards who gave him Cora were definitely among the best, and not many people could fool him. “Who’s who lied to you?” Austin Lancaster asked coldly.The one who lied to the secret guard and stole Cora must be one. At present, only after finding these people can they find thewhereabouts of Cora. The secret guard frowned and hesitated.“Say it!” Austin was anxious. He saw that the secret guard was still hesitant and yelled.
  • The secret guard did not dare to hesitate anymore. He immediately told the truth. “These people are hiding very well. I didn’t notice anything when I woke up. But I could feel that he had thesame atmosphere as me. I have a feeling, He’s one of our secret guards. ”One of the secret guards? Whenheheardthat, a suffocation flashed in the eyes ofAustin Lancaster, his men dared to harmedtohis women. The secret guards of the Lancaster’s weretrained by himself. All the secret guards listened to him. And the only ones who did not listen to him were the ones assigned to Yilia. Maybe it’s all about hismother? Austin immediately rushed to the Lancaster’s without stopping, and rushed in before the butler could salute. Austin Lancaster, Yiliawas in a good mood and was making tea art. At this moment, she saw that Austin Lancasterwas coming.Why did Austin come over?Looking at his expression, he seemed to know something. Couldit be thath eknewwha tshedidt oCora?“Where have you takenÇora?” Austin’s gaze was on Yilia’s trembling hands, making sure that it was related to her.
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