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Chapter 473 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • "Then, I'll come over and check it out every day Is this alright?" Mary wanted to confirm whether Cora had menstruation or miscarriage, so she wanted to find an excuse to find evidence here. I After all, it was just a suspicion. He had never done anything too well, so there was no objection. Just be careful, so he did not object this time. He opened the door and looked at Cora and Ann, confirming that they were well, then he closed the door. I In fact, Cora heard the conversation between Austin and Mary in the room. I This time, the chicken soup was obviously related to Mary, but he did not say anything I Mary drove by her own car this time, and when Austin was delivered to the door, she said that she would not have to send it. I "Austin Cora not healthy these days Take care of her "After opening the car door. Mary suddenly turned around and said to Austin I "I see, so be careful on your own way "At Austin, she nodded, and when he saw Maryleft, he couldn't help but shake his heart Could it be that he had misunderstood Mary?I "Mmm, okay, then I'll go back first today." Mary drove without any delay. I She acted like this, as if she had truly recognized that she was just a sister, and treated Cora as a real sister-in-law. I After leaving Mary, he returned to the room and saw the dim expression on Cora. I "What's wrong? Is your stomach still hurting?" Austin asked.
  • Cora raised her head. Her heart was very complicated. The reason why she had a stomachache was because of Mary, but she did not have evidence in her hands, and Austin believed in Mary so much. I "No, has Mary left?"I If she could, she hoped that Mary wouldn't come over in the future. She would definitely get pregnant She didn't want this energy to fall into the real pregnancy so the best way was to stay away from Mary I "Mmm I've already left, but she said that she'll come over to take care of you in the next few days. By the way, she'll help you care Ann."I "No, what I need is to rest. I don't want people to come over to disturb me." Cora immediately refused. I She was quite sure that Mary's purpose was just to know if she was really pregnant. Mary just wanted to completely remove her. I Cora was a little excited andher voice couldn't help but rise a little too, and Ann was awakened. I "Mommy..." Ann wiped his eyes, shouted Mom, and then flew into the arms of Cora, but a trace of uncertainty flashed in his eyes. I Cora was a little guilty. She shouldn't have scared the child.
  • After a moment of calming down Cora eagerly spoke out her worries. "Sir, you see. Ann has become very insecure since he was carried over by Mrs Austin When Ann was carried to the old house. Mary was also there I don't think that hercoming was good for Ann. so I didn't want her to come over. "I Hearing Cora, Austinfrowned, but it was not because of Cora's rejection of Mary that he felt something wrong. I Ann's courage was not too small, but since he was carried by Yilia, it seemed very easy to be frightened. He had also suspected that Yilia had done something to him, but besides preventing Ann and Cora from being together Yilia loved Anndeeply and how could she do anything to Ann?I There must be some other secrets about the matter, including the fact that Cora was drugged. He had already sent someone to investigate, but he had never found the truth. I So Austinkissed Cora eyelids and said. "Okay, then I'll call Mary. "I Cora had a sigh of relief. During this period of time, her health was weak and she did not have the energy to fight with Mary I Austinpromised that Cora would be fulfilled, and after a while, he called Mary. I When Mary received the call from Austin. she felt a chill in her heart. She did not think that the thing Austin had promised would change. This had never happened before. I However, for Cora. he could reject her kindness!!
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