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Chapter 620 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Cora was a little speechless, and the doctor said it, but it was almost that it was not a miscarriage. She was in good health now, and the doctor did not let her stay in bed. I Hearing that, Austin Lancaster immediately killed him with cold eyes. and everyone around them lowered their heads and did not dare to look at them anymore.l "Nice!"I Eh, that's it?I Austin Lancaster leader's destructive power was indeed huge. Just as he used his eyes to kill him. Cora never be disturbed by his gaze.l All the way to the ward, Cora was relieved.I Even though ning Keer's eyes were very powerful, the fact that they didn't see them did not mean that they didn't know what they were doing. Now that it was done, I was afraid that the entire floor would know her.
  • I Fortunately. Corawanted to live in a single ward, so she was not seen again. I "Cora, I've been here with you for the past two days. Tell me everything you want. Your body is weak, or don't get out of bed anymore."I This man did not let her get out of bed? But she always had physical problems to solve. I "Then I always come down when I go to the bathroom?" Cora asked.I As long as the tone of Austin Lancaster was too serious, he usually cut off all her chances of getting out of bed. so she immediately asked this question.I "It's alright, I'll help you solve it in bed!"I What?I Cora's eyes widened as he wanted to get her to solve her physical problems in bed.I This... This was a pervert, she could not stand such a situation.I "No, I'm not a disabled person. Why do I have to solve my physical problems in bed? Besides, I just need to stay in the hospital to observe, and I'm not in bed. There's no need to do this!" Cora replied immediately, she must insist on this matter.
  • I Solving physical problems in bed? She had to solve it too!! "Cora, everything is for you and your child, isn't it?"| Austin Lancaster knew that Cora was most concerned about children, so he wanted to use the child to convince him.I If anything else. Cora would like to compromise. However, the doctor did not say that going to the toilet would cause miscarriage, and did not require her to stay in bed. She could not move at all, so she would not be deceived by Austin Lancaster. I "For the sake of my child. I can't hold back. I'll tell you that I can promise you everything, but I won't compromise on going to the toilet. You're not disgusted. I'm still disgusted! "I Cora's Cora was stubborn as well. and he was a little angry. He looked depressed at Austin. I "Okay. I Cora you wouldn't be angry first. Don't be angry. It's all up to you. You can't be angry right now. It's easy to get angry." I was afraid that Cora would like to see something happen again. I "Let me go to the toilet by myself?"I Cora squinted at him. She had been intentional just now, so she would not hurt her children!! "Of course!" Austin Lancaster immediately agreed. I After arguing over the issue of going to the toilet, Cora lay down on the bed. I Reaching out and touching her stomach, it was as if an electric current had passed through it, making her heart feel strange.I "Sir, we finally have a baby again!" Cora eyes flashed with tears. She was very happy and excited.
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