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Chapter 534 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Hearing a faint voice in her ear. Cora tried to listen carefully to what they were saying. I "Nonsense."I This voice seemed to be from a white coat. Was he talking to the nurse? Just now, there was only a nurse in the ward. I "Don't worry: Dr.Anderson. I know what you're doing, but you seemed a little different to this lady...."I Cora's consciousness was a little sloppy, but she still listened carefully. The white coat gave her a very strange feeling. He had saved their lifes in such a dangerous environment, and then did not let her inform her family. Somewhat strange. I "She's just my patient!"I Cora lost her consciousness when she heard this. He just treated her as a patient. Maybe she and Ann were lucky enough to run into someone who could save them. I However, what Cora did not know was that there was a lot of emotion in the white coat's gaze.l He frowned slightly at the end and looked at Cora sleeping soundly. "Austin. I'm back"I ... | After looking for a long time. Austin had not found Cora and his son. His emotions were getting worse day by day. He took out a cigarette and smoked it. His gaze was fixed on the ruins left by the explosion.I "Austin, Cora's dead. I know that you're very sad and hard to accept that. but the truth is that. Don't torture yourself anymore, okay?"I She did not think that Cora would be dead. Cora still affected Austin's heart. Fortunately, they had removed all the traces. I Originally, Cora had died, and everything had ended. She had never thought that Austin was still insisting on finding Cora. He did not believe that Cora had come to meet Carson, and met Carson's enemies died in revenge, so he insisted on looking for the traces left by them. I Austin did not tell Mary that the body he had found was not Cora, so at this moment.
  • Mary thought that Austin was just sad for Cora's death. I "I haven't tortured myself. I don't know why would Cora died. Why can't I find justice for her? Besides, her body hasn't fully recovered yet, so how can she come out with her Ann in a coma? There must be a secret. I'm her husband. I don't want to investigate. Could I just let her die injustice like this? "I He squatted on the floor and examined it carefully The traces of the explosion had been diminished a lot after several rains Everyone knew that it was impossible to find clues from the ruins. I But he did not care. He pushed away the ruins and tried to find the aura of Cora. Because he had dug the ruins by hand, his palm already had many wounds. But he didn't seem to feel at all. He just continued to look at it a little. I "Austin, you don't have to look for her. If you look further, you will only hurt yourself. Cora met Carson privately, so she would suffer such a catastrophe. Everything was her fault. "Seeing the way Austin worried, the jealousy in Mary's heart could not be resisted, so she said with some resentment. I "Stop it!" Austin suddenly looked up at Mary. His eyes were scarlet and cold. I He did not allow anyone to slander Cora, not even Mary. Besides, at this Chapter moment, the whereabouts of Cora were unknown, how could Mary say such things?I "She definitely wouldn't do that." When Austin said the words, there was a certain glow in his eyes. I Mary's body suddenly stiffened. She didn't think that it was just a single sentence. Even if he did not say anything harsh to her, she could see from his expression Anger!! "Don't say again. I don't like it!"I After saying that, he did not care about Mary anymore. He just continued to search in the ruins. Everything seemed to be stopped by him. At this moment. apart from finding Cora, he did not have any thoughts. I Can't even say her? Mary's eyes flashed with pain. She had done so much. but in the end, he had exchanged such a sentence.I She suddenly panicked. When she saw Austin still finding in the ruins, she suddenly realized that even if Cora was already dead, he would never fall in love with her!! "Austin..." She wanted to say something.
  • Austin frowned, as if she had disturbed his search for Cora.l "Send Mary home." Austin said directly to the security guard, not even raising his head. I Mary was completely shocked. She never thought that Austin would be so cold. Does Cora matter to him? Even if she was dead, would he still be so worried?I no!! Impossible!!!! Maybe Austin really had a deep feeling for Cora, but as time went on, he would surely recover slowly. I "Miss, please!" The guard said to Mary.I Mary looked at the persistent Austin again. There was a faint glimmer in her eyes, but she quickly returned tohim: "Austin, then I'll leave first. "I Austin nodded, but his expression was still focused on examining the ruins. He did not look at Mary at all. I Mary turned around. She was sent outside by the security guards. She looked at the ruins and smiled. I Cora, finally died!! It would be a short while before she would get him. Cora could watch her live happily in the hell. Shee would give birth to a few healthy and intelligent children. I "I can go back on my own. Go and accompany your Chief. Don't let him look for too long." Mary said to the security guard. I The security guard was also worried about Austin, so he left Mary alone without much thought. I う Mary did not go home directly Instead, she parked the car not for from the derelict factory and watched him. I It was getting darker. Austin did not come out of it. Mary frowned and the jealousy in her heart grew even more frantic Chapter 496 Mary was full of hatred. Cora was dead, but why would she be so haunted?I Seeing that the sky had completely darkened and Austin was still out. Mary was anxious. However, she had already been there once before. If she did it again, she would cause Austin's suspicion. To avoid causing Austin's suspicion, she called Austin's mother. I "Godmother. Austin is looking for Cora under the ruins. He hasn't eaten a day..."I ... | His mother received the call from Mary, and immediately rushed over. The sky was drizzling. She saw Austin was stubbornly looking for it in the rain.I She was still in pain. Was this her son who was full of ambition? His body was stained, and even his face was covered with a thick layer of dirt. His hands were already blurry because he kept digging away the stones with his hands. I "Austin, Cora is already died." Austin's mother was so distressed that she wanted to pull up her hand, and as a mother, she was now distressed. I Yilia was originally very happy. but when she saw that her son had become like this, she was not happy. I Austin looked at her fiercely, and his eyes were sharp. He asked: "What did you do that to Cora?"I Yilia had once smashed Cora, so he targeted at Yilia.I Yilia's heart was shocked. When she' saw his murderous gaze, she immediately shook her hand and said. "No, it's not me.
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