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Chapter 527 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • 'Tear'. Mary's clothes were ripped off and her body was exposed to the air.I Mary was shocked and tried to protect the important parts with her hands, but everything was futile. Adam had torn all of her clothes off. I "Mary, do you know that it's even more looming that makes people's blood swell even more!" Adam said, looking at Mary's body, as he could not control it anymore. I At this moment, he had let go of Mary because he knew that Mary would never run out. If she ran out naked, the headlines of tomorrow would definitely be her runaway scene. At that time. Austin would also see that this was even more unbearable for a woman as proud as Mary!! "Adam, our cooperation has ended. You immediately stop "Seeing Adam approaching her little by little, as if they are a cat and a mouse, she was blocked by him. I "Stop? It's too late..." Adam smiled as he pulled closer to Mary while untieing his tie, then his clothes and belt. I "Adam Black, you're crazy. This is your office!" Mary watched him take off his own pants, and even her voice trembled. I "Mrs.Black, we're husband and wife. Even we've been seen, it's a couple's affection." Then he pulled Mary over. then pushed Mary to the wall: "Good, you don't give yourself to me. How do I know if I've ruined Cora for you, you'll keep me! ן" Mary was horrified taht Adam's plan was so crazy!! "Don't worry.
  • I'll leave you a good memory." As Adam pressed a button, the bookshelf suddenly opened up and he immediately brought Mary in. I Mary was in a panic, and she saw a room that had been decorated like a new house. The bright red made Mary's heart even more shocked. I He had already prepared this room for a long time. Could it be that he knew that she would come over to find him? What kind of person was Adam?I Mary felt like she had jumped into a deep pit. She wanted to go up now, but she could not go up anymore. I Feeling that Adam's hand was constantly moving on her body. Mary trembled. She was frightened to find out that she was planted today I But how could this be? She kept her first time for Austin. I "Adam, let me go!" Mary said in fear. but when she saw the woman who was originally strong suddenly weak. Adam became even more excited. I Suddenly. Adam put something into Mary's mouth. This thing melted in her mouth soon, so Mary wanted to spit it out without any chance. I "What is this?" Mary was even more frightened. She looked at Adam's uncontrollable expression, thinking that he had once tortured a woman and deeper fears struck. I "Don't worry, you're different from them. You're my wife. Of course, I will love you properly!"I Mary only felt that she had walked around in hell. She woke up as if she had no other good place but her face. Especially there, the severe pain told her what had happened.
  • I "Madam, you're awake!" A servant walked up with some food in her hands. I Mary then realized that Adam had sent her home. Of course, this was the "new house" when she married him. She clenched the blanket tightly, as if she wanted to pinch all the resentment in her heart into the blanket. I She had lost her body to Adam!! How could she be like this? What made her hate even more was that Adam had actually used violence on her!! "The young master said that you take a break first, and he will come back with you later." The servant left, and Mary was angry.l The pain of losing her body caused her to fall apart. What made her more afraid was Adam. This person was definitely not the one who had rumored She had seen his horror face just before. This was a bastard!! Even though the servant brought in food, she did not bring any clothes to Mary. Mary was lying on the bed with nothing to wear. Adam actually imprisoned her in this way!! Mary's heart was full of hatred. She originally wanted to make Cora suffer all of this, but things happened to her, which made her hate Cora even more!! When Adam returned, it was already late at night. When he saw Mary tightly wrapped in the blanket, a trace of disdain appeared in her eyes and he said. "We've already slept. What are you doing?
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