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Chapter 327 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • -Extorted Thirty Million “You’ve already hooked up with Mr. Austin Lancaster. Thirty million is nothing for him. He is rich enough to give you $ 30 million. I’ll give you three days. If you don’t give me the money, I let the whole world know that your mother is a bitch, and she can’t be peaceful even she is dead.” Norman’s tone was especially gruesome. Cora foamed at the mouth with anger. There was even such a father in the world. He threatened his daughter for money with her mother’s indecent video! 1 “Go away!” Cora was filled with anger. She did not treat the person in front of her as a father, and now she was full of hatred towards him. “Three days later, if you don’t get the money then, I won’t be merciful.” Norman then walked outside. When he reached the door, he suddenly thought of something and turned to Cora. He continued, “You’d better not tell Mr. Lancaster about my threat to you. I don’t think you want him to see your mother’s video.” Hearing this, Cora wanted to kill this man immediately.
  • This was her father, who had threatened her with unscrupulous means!However, there was an indecent video of her mother in his hand. Whether it was true or not, once it was released, it would definitely make it difficult for her mother to rest peacefully. Could it be that she had no choice?! Three days, 30 million, this number was not easy for her. Cora was filled with hatred, but she had no other choice at this moment. In order not to let her mother’s video show up, she had to give him $ 30 million.
  • Cora quickly checked her account. Robert gave her a lot of shares. Within a short period of time, she dumped all the shares. Because she was in a hurry to use the money, she was forced the price down to sell the shares. The cost of the shares should be 50 million, but she only got 20 million. There’s still 10 million short! All the money she had now was only five million, so there was still a shortfall of five million. Time had already passed two days. She had to collect five million within today, but where did she go for the five million? Cora was tangled. If he asked Austin to borrow money, he would ask her for the reasons. Norman had threatened her not to tell Austin. Cora frowned. Who else could she seek for help, except Austin? ” Just as she was frowning, Carson Walker came to her house. Ever since the last Bates tried to kill her, she didn’t see Carson Walker for a while. When she saw Carson Walker, she felt he had been missing her for these days.. “Cora …” Carson Walker shouted.
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