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Chapter 515 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • At that moment, the phone flashed and it was Mary's call: "Austin, can you come over and pick me up? I'm at the bar now!"I Austin's heart suddenly jumped. Just a few days after getting married. Mary actually went to the bar? She had even asked him to pick her up, indicating that Adam was not at her side. I He is Afraid that Mary would be alone in the bar: he rushed to the bar where Mary was. I Mary's clothes were very thin. She stood outside the bar and shivered. When she saw Austin was coming, a light flashed in her eyes. I "Austin, you're finally here." Mary said with a smile, but he saw her laughing a little far -fetched. I "Why are you here alone?? Where isAdam?"I Mary's body stiffened, her gaze involuntarily looked at the bar, and the expression on her face gradually faded. In the end, she smiled weakly and said indifferently. "I just came over with my friends. He knows I've been in a bar since he was just married, so I let you pick me up. "I Austin knew Mary was lying. I "Adam's here too?" Austin asked, and he noticed that from time to time, when Mary said this, she looked at her and had a guess in his heart.
  • I "No, no..." However, she was soon "slapped". and Adam walked out with a beauty. I Mary's face suddenly turned pale. The face of Austinhad turned gloomy. Adam did not seem to see Austin. he scolded."bitch! I just ask you to have a dance with some friends! what a shame! "| Austin's eyes were stunned, and a fist punched Adam fiercely. "Who said you shameless?"| Adam was slammed into a fist and was unable to tell the difference between the two. I "Austin. Chief Austin. "As ifAdam had woken up from his drunkenness, he immediately let go of the woman who stayed with him, and slapped her two hands: "Yes, I'm sorry. Mary. I'm drunk. i just thought she was you! "I However, no one could hear that Adam was just shirking it. I Adam clearly opened his eyes and said nonsense. She was still scolding the rotten lady to look around. I "Is the Austin also here to play? I'm very familiar with this place, otherwise we'll play together..." Adam drunkenly took a nap. I He punched him, and Adam was knocked down to the ground. I "Adam!" Mary panicked and ran over. supporting Adam from the ground. I Austin was suffocating and he wanted to fight again, but he was blocked by Mary. I "Austin, don't fight again!" In a hurry. Mary called back to his original name. I "Mary, such a person should be beaten. don't block it!" Austin was already anxious. At this moment, he saw that Mary was in front of him, making her even angrier. I Mory did not let on but her face was 4/6 embarrassed. She glanced at Austin, there was a light of nostalgia in her eyes, but this light immediately went out, and only the rest was lost. I "I've already married him and become his wife. What's the use of killing him?" Mary said with tears in her eyes. I Austin suddenly froze. The anger in his eyes gradually turned into helplessness. In the end, it turned into a deep heartache. He frowned and said. "Mary, you shouldn't..."I However, before Austin had been said. Mary laughed. I "There's nothing to be wrong with.
  • I've already married him, so you can only be my brother in the future. I'm an impulse today. I actually called you out of the hospital. My husband couldn't have treated me like this. "Mary pretended to be strong. I Adam's drunkenness and the fierce punch from Austinhad already fainted. The woman who had been in his arms just now had gone. to bar to ask help... At that moment, they had reached the door. I " leave, Cora is still waiting for you in the hospital!" Mary did not seem to see those who rushed over I Austin was frowning. With Adam's attitude towards Mary, he did not feel comfortable leaving Mary alone in the bar. I "I'll send you home!" Austinsaid.I "Really. I can do it myself"I However, before Mary finished speaking. those people had already rushed to Adam's presence and shouted.
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