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Chapter 338 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • -I Should Punish You Cora knew Austin's meaning very well. Even though she got intimate with Austin many times, it had always been Austin who took the lead and her heart was still very shy. "Austin, are you asleep?" Cora finally could not help but ask. "No, can I help you?" HearingCora, Austin smiled, and he knew that Cora would not be assured to let him sleep on the sofa. "No..." Cora regretted asking him. If he said he was uncomfortable on the sofa, what should she do? Let him sleep in the bed room? "Cora, I can't sleep. How about you come out and chat with me?" Austin's voice came again. Cora was hesitant. He wanted to let her go out, but after that... However, he did not seem to mean that, and Cora was assured.
  • She removed the cupboard and opened the door and she saw Austin Lancaster standing in front of her. "You ..." Could it be that he had been here all the time? He heard the movements that she had just removed the cupboard. Her ears became red, and Cora was bashful. "Well..." Could it make him angry that she put a cupboard in front of the door? She looked up and saw the smile in Austin's eyes. Cora. He was not angry? This surprised "Aren't you angry?" Cora asked. she was probably used to being punished by him. She wasn't quite comfo rtabl with the relaxed Austin. "Why am I angry?" Austin Lancaster asked with his eyes smiling. "I thought..." Cora couldn't even hear herself. "You still opened the door in the end, didn't you? So I'm not angry. You just felt awkward. You still have me in your heart, so what else can I be angry about?" Cora felt the extra warmth in her heart. It felt good to be understood by others."Come, let's go over there.
  • " Austin Lancaster pulled Cora's hand towards the sofa. The quilt on the sofa remained unchanged, so it seemed like Austin had never lay down. Did he stand at the door before she spoke to him? Cora was a little surprised. What if she didn't ask him? Was he just waiting at the door? "Austin ..." Cora was interrupted by Austin before she could say anything else. "Austin, or husband, you're wrong this time. I should punish you!" The punitive kiss landed on Cora's lips with the utmost gentleness. When they separated, Cora felt her body softened. "You ..." This man was still stingy. He punished her because she had just called him wrong. However, she felt a little sweet in her heart. She felt like she was being cherished and cared for by Austin. "Well ... When did you start falling in love with me?" This question was the one that Cora want to know the most In the beginning, Austin broke into her life. At that time, he had said that he wanted only her. In the past, she did not believe it, but now she believed it. There were various kind of woman around him? Why would he be interested in such an abandoned woman?
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