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Chapter 588 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Cora huggedEric tightly. This child was born to be carried away and left her She looked for so long and thought for a long time before finally finding him. How could she let him go?l Eric nodded, his little face clinging to Cora's face to express his intimacy. I Cora thought that the child was really intimate. It was just why God was so unfair to this child, and he had such a great suffering at such a young age. I But she wasn't afraid. There was hope soon. I "Eric, you can be healthy." Cora said willingly, but she was determined.I When the servant saw this scene. she felt sour. As someone who had been staying with Eric, of course, she knew about Eric's condition. Even if Eric was looking good now, three years old was a limit, which the doctor had long explained, but the idea of the hostess was just a matter of hope. I The servant did not know that Corahad found the medicine that would make her pregnant, so she still held a pessimistic thought. I "Okay. I can company Eric, go ahead!"I Coraknew that her exposure just now would definitely make the servant feel that she didn't want to reveal too much, so she sent the servant out. I In the following days. Cora waited for Dr. Hills's call every day. I Dr. Mark seemed to be waiting for the one-month deadline, so he did not call her to rush her during this time, but she understood that once the one- month deadline was over, he would want her to compromise. I A week later, Austin Lancasterfinally finished his work. After he was free, he accompanied Cora and son at home and enjoyed the warm time together. I "Father. Mother!"I Not only was her mother accompanied but also his father, but Eric was naturally happiest.
  • I On this day. Eric's gaze looked outside with a strong desire. I Cora followed his gaze and saw how many kites were flying in the sky. Was Eric wanting to go out?I Because Eric's body did not allow it. she had not taken Eric out with her during this time. Today, she could not help but feel a little heartache when she saw how secretly he wanted to go out. I "Does Eric want to fly kites too?" Naturally. Austin Lancaster also saw the kites and asked Eric.I Eric nodded, his eyes still looking at the kite in the sky. It was very cute. I "Okay. how about we go out to fly a kite too?"I Austin Lancaster said, but he immediately met with Cora's objection. I "No. Eric's body is still weak..."| Even though she wanted to make Eric happy, everything was still about his body. So even though she felt cruel, she still did not want Eric to go out. I "Eric, obediently, are we looking at home?"I Cora knew that this was cruel to Eric. He was clearly out of play, but he was imprisoned at home to recuperate.
  • However, the moment she thought about his unconsciousness, her heart became hard. I Eric did not answer, but he looked at the kite in the sky with insanity, and his longing eyes turned into disappointment. His mood suddenly fell.I Cora's heart tightened. Seeing Eric's sad look, her heart was really uncomfortable. I "Go out, it's not far from home anyway."I Austin Lancaster asked. Corawanted to rebut, but when she saw what Eric was expecting, he would not say anything more. I "It's not good to stay at home at all. It's important for Eric to breathe fresh air. With the good weather today, we'll be walking around nearby. I Austin Lancaster said again, which made Joe's Cora no more reason to stop.l Without driving. they hugged Eric and walked out of the door. The place where the kite was flying was not far from the square. When Eric saw the children cheering and flying the kite, his eyes were bright.I "Does Eric want to fly a kite too?"I Even before Austin Lancaster's voice was heard. Eric nodded vigorously catching up with the rattle.I "Haha..." Cora could not help but laugh.
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