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Chapter 577 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Cora's stared at the wine glass and she felt extremely entangled. I She wanted Austin drink it but on the other hand, she did not want him to do so.l Austin smiled. He took the wine glass and drank all the wine in it.I Cora lookedAustin's calm expression. Her heart was filled with strong guilt. She was in a daze when she was him showing the empty glass to her. I "Cora, it's time to pour me the second cup."I It was not until Austin reminded her thatshe came back to her senses and she poured another drink for him. I Austin finished three consecutive cups.l "Okay, Cora, will you forgive me now?"Austin put down the glass and asked Coral "Mm. I forgive you." Cora nodded.I Austin looked at her in confusion. Why did Cora suddenly feel sad?She seemed to have something to worry about. I "Austin, would you give up everything you have in exchange for Ann's life?" Cora asked.I This might be her last question. She wanted to know his view.l At this moment, Austin realized that Cora was worried about Ann. He slightly relaxed. I "Of course I will!" He did not hesitate and spoke out his thoughts.I "Because Ann is your treasure, and you are my treasure. Giving up everything I have to exchange for Ann's life would mean I have two treasures.
  • This is definitely worth it to me."I When Cora heard this.she felt evenguilty in her heart. Austin's goodness to her flashed in her mind. She could hardly take it. How could she do something that would hurt Austin?I "Well, I know that you're worried about Ann, but there are some things we can't reverse, so we have to live on. alright? Even if Ann cannot be saved..."I The thing Austinwas most worried about was that Cora would collapse if Ann. could not be saved. He could keep Cora alive, but if her emotion died, there was no way he could make her feel better. I "No. Ann won't die." Cora said it immediately, but in the next second, she realized something: "I'm sorry. I was just too excited."I She wouldn't let Ann die!! Austin sighed. Cora would always be excited when he mentioned this. How could this not make him worried? Once Ann was gone, what could he do to save Cora?I "It's okay. Let's eat first!"I Austin did not want to continue this topic. Cora finally had a meal. He did not want Cora to not eat well.| After eating, they returned to the bedroom. I Austinsuddenly felt a little dizzy. He shook his head slightly and mumbled in confusion: "It's only three glasses of red wine, why do I feel dizzy?"I When Cora heard this.she was shocked. She knew that the sleeping pill was working. She quickly said to Austin. "You're too tired these few days, so you're so easily to feel dizzy. Go and have a rest.I Austinfrowned and massaged his temples.
  • Why did he feel that something was not right? It didn't seem like he was drunk!! "Come, get some sleep!"I Cora helped him lie on the bed and take off his shoes. I When Austin saw the Cora serving him like this, a smile appeared on his face.I "That's good. I'm drunk, you will take my shoes off for me..." He smiled a few times, and then he completely fell into sleep.l "Fool!" Cora cried. How could this man make her so touched?I At this moment, she suddenly thought that Austin had always been working hard, and she had not done anything for him, so that was the reason why her actions made him happy. I "Austin, if I can. I'm willing to take off your shoes for you forever." After that. she quickly tucked him in and found the key in his pocket. I "I'm sorry. Austin!"I If there was no turning point in Ann's matter, she would take the initiative to admit her betrayal, and she would not let Austin suffer too much. I She quickly went to the study room. and quickly opened the door. I At this moment, the sky was already dark. Thenanny wouldn't go upstairs if there was no need for her Austin had fallen asleep after taking the sleeping pills, so she had enough time to commit the crime.I After entering the study room, she quickly looked around. I She found it very soon because she had seen the name list before.I When she litthe flashlight to the name list, she realized that this was not a simple name list at all. There was a lot of research data of a chemical weapon. What did it mean? Even a person who knew nothing about weapons would know that biological weapons would never be good.
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