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Chapter 521 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Mary suddenly looked at her phone with guilt, as if to keep Austin from finding out, she immediately covered her phone. I Austin's eyes flashed. When he came in, he saw that someone had sent a message. Mary was protecting it, which meant that the contents must be problematic. I "Who sent the message?" Austin asked. I Mary's hand suddenly shrunk. She quickly shook her head and said that it was just a friend, but her expression was flustered and did not look like a message from a friend. I At this time, with several messages came in. Mary's face turned even paler. Austin realized that something was wrong, and immediately took Mary's phone. I "No. Don't!" Mary immediately stopped, with a huge humiliation in her eyes. I Austin frowned. Even though the screen of the phone was blocked by Mary, he still saw the contents of it. In the photo, Mary was naked...I "Austin, please. Don't look at it. okay?" Mary's face was humiliated. She sobbed softly at the moment, trembling all over her body.I "This is what Adam told you to do?" Austin's gaze was gloomy, and strong anger was released. I Mary nodded and looked worriedly at Austin, asking carefully: "Austin, do you look down on me?
  • "I The title of Austin's heart soured She was his sister. At this moment, she had suffered so much. It was too late for him to take care of her, so how could he look down on her?I "Of course not, Mary. Don't think too much about it. I'll handle this well." said Austin. Adam dared to do this to Mary, so he would definitely fulfill his promise and let the entire Black family bury for her. I "Thank you. Austin!" Mary's eyes were filled with tears, and she cried into Austin's arms. I Austin came when he was anxious. and even the door to the ward was not closed. What he did not realize was that there were a lot of reporters from outside, taking photos of him and Mary together. I "Chief Austin, why are you hugging Mary?"I you "Chief Austin, I heard that your own wife was also in the hospital, but if don't accompany her. Is it because you have a deeper relationship with Mary?"I "Chief Austin, will you divorce and choose to be with Mary?"I Austin was a soldier, so there was no such thing as being surrounded by reporters at all. But at the moment, the reporters seemed to excited and kept on taking pictures of them, seemingly digging into a huge secret.
  • I Austint's face was cold and he did not say a word. He just said to the security guard. "Get them out. "I The security guards quickly evacuated the reporters when he heard the order. However, these reporters did not report without receiving a response. The next day, the headlines of the news broke with the photos of Austin and Mary embracing. I When Cora wanted to see this picture, her eyes were cold. I "Cora, don't be sad. The photos may also be composited." Carson couldn't bear to see Cora sad, so he advised. I Cora put the phone aside, and there was a fog in her eyes. "To be honest. I don't care about this picture at all. because I know that Mary is a person with deep thoughts. She just wants to use the picture to make me sad. II didn't doubt the feelings of Austin towards me But Carson, I can't stand that he trust someone who hurt my children. "I Carson was heartbroken. Looking at Cora who's weak, he wanted to bear all her pain.I But there was some pain, and he was destined not to bear it for her. I Austin was a soldier and a leader, so the army immediately noticed the news and asked him to explain it. I After Austin left. Mary, who was originally weak, got off the bed and walked towards Cora's ward. I Carson did not accompany her at the moment because something happened to the company. In the ward, apart from Cora, the nanny and the coma Ann, there was no one else. I Seeing the arrival of Mary, Coral alerted and asked. "What are you doing?"I Wasn't she mistreated?
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