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Chapter 245 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • “Cora, I’ll let my lawyer comeover to draw up a divorce agreement. Look at the side. If there’s no problem, we can sign it right away.”Robert looked at Coraseriously and seemed to engraved her on his heart forever. Knowing that he had completely lost this woman, he knew what was like heartbroken.However, there was no room for redemption. Not at all.Cora stopped her step. She was not afraid that Robert would regret. After all, she still held thevital information of the GranthamGroup.“Cora, sit down first.” Robert pointed to the sofa and said, his eyes not moving away from her.They were not a couple at the moment. In fact, Cora’s heart was alittle filled with emotions.Perseverance lasting four years was now over.
  • She finally did not have to deliberately pleasesomeone again.“Robert, thank you for yourhelp.”On the contrary, because of the divorce, Cora let go of the hatred in her heart. As long as she found the child, she would probably not leave any feelings in her heart.Even if this man hurt her, everything was voluntary, and the only thing he did wrong was hurting her child.But everything had alreadyended, and she did not have somuch resentment.Help!Robert’s heart contractedsharply. Yes, he finally let her go. Just as he wanted to make up forher, there was no longer the right toown her.“Cora, I’ll give you 10% of the shares as compensation.”Cora was a little surprised. She did not expect Robert to take the initiative to propose such a condition. She did not even thinkabout what she would get from Robert but only wanted to know about the child’s whereabouts afterdivorce..
  • However, she was not guiltywhen she took these shares.After all, she had given everything for him. If without her help, Robert would never have had everything he had today.Moreover, if she found herchild, she could give him a better life with these shares.When she thought about this,there was a decision in Cora’sheart.“Thank you…”Robert was relieved when saw that Cora was not rejected. The lawyer came very quickly. The divorce agreement was very simple, so it was quickly resolved.With the divorce agreement in his hands, Cora’s wish was finally relieved.“Robert, we won’t see again after today.” Cora said to Robert. Although four years of feelings can be downplayed, that memory still exists.
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