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Chapter 510 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • "It's my fault!" Austin frowned and he looked regretful. I Dr. Hills saw the sadness and worry on Austin's face, and her heart moved slightly. "Cora would have been dead this time. If it weren't me. I'm afraid that even the uterus would be removed. "I How serious was it? They almost had her uterus removed...I "Then, what now?" Austin shook his hand and wanted to touch the pale face of Cora, but he was afraid of hurting her. His eyes were full of worring.I He clearly said that he would not let Cora to be hurt, but this time, he had actually let her hurt so badly. I Cora had been drugged and not woken up. And Ann had come out of the emergency room. Fortunately, there was no danger this time. Otherwise, he really did not know how to explain it to Cora I The doctor told Austin. " Ann has eaten something that she shouldn't eat, so his condition has suddenly deteriorated." Austin's eyebrows wrinkled tightly. Ann's diet had always been very regular. How could he accidentally eat something?
  • I Although Ann was rescued. he was in a poor state of mind and did not wake up. The little body was lying quietly on the bed. It was as if he had fallen asleep and could not wake up again.I "What about Ann?"I Cora could not wake up until late afternoon. The first thing she said after she woke up was to ask about Ann. I Austin's eyes flashed. Ann was the person Cora concerned about most. If Cora knew about Ann's condition, it would not be good for her recovery. I So he made an excuse and said to Cora. "Ann has already returned home. He doesn't have any serious problems. The doctor said that as long as she was at home, she would be fine."I Cora looked suspiciously at Austin. looking closely at his eyes and asking. "Really?"I She still had some doubts in her mind. Every time Ann's ill, he would stay in the hospital for a long time. How could he go home so quickly this time?I "Of course it's true. The main reason is that there are more infected people in the hospital these days. Doctors are afraid of Ann being infected, so it's better for Ann to go home and get observed. "I It turned out that it was because of the infected patient. So Cora believed it.
  • I "Cora, you're in a bad health this time. I'll go home and bring some food for you later. "I Cora didn't want him to do it. After all, it was troublesome to make soup. so she didn't want him to do it for her. I However, it seemed as if Austin had expected what she would say, and immediately said. "I'll see Ann by the way. Cora nodded, but when he said about Ann. Cora's mood suddenly fell I 4/7 "Go ahead!" She said as she tried to keep the calmness on her face to Austin. I When she saw that Austin was out of the ward. Cora's tears flow out: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Ann. It's my fault!"I .....] When Mary looked in through the window of the room, what she saw was the tearful face of Cora, and she smiled at the corner of her mouth. I Hearing the sound of the door opening. Cora looked over. When she saw it was Mary. alert flashed in her eyes. I "What, are you scared?" Mary asked with irony. I Her footsteps were graceful and she walked towards Cora. But no matter how elegant her movements were, they could not cover up the fierce light in the corner of her eyes. I "Mary. you did all of this." If Cora had only been suspicious before, then at this moment. seeing Mary's tone and expression, she had already determined that it was Mary. I 507 "Cora. I didn't do anything." Mary slowly walked up to the bed and looked down at her "Look at your pale face.
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