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Chapter 81 Cookies

  • The eighth floor of the hotel were all suites, the best rooms in the hotel.
  • All the important roles stayed on the same floor.
  • It was quite late now. Most people had already retired for the night, and the hotel was very quiet. Everyone was very busy all day, so their nights were spent resting.
  • Wen Qingmu headed straight to the eighth floor. The elevator doors opened slowly.
  • Because it was his first time here, Wen Qingmu was not familiar with the hotel's layout. Right in front of the elevator was room 810. He had made Yin Jin check in advance, and Su Luoli's room was 816.
  • Since 810 was right in front of the elevator, it gave him no clue as to which way 816 was, so he started walking.
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