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Chapter 638 The Confession

  • “Did my uncle come back at a usual time last night? If he did, then it is fake news; if he didn’t, then it’s a problem!”
  • “He… came home a little later, and he was drunk. No, it is impossible! Maybe that woman is his colleague who needed help.” Su Luoli would never believe that Wen Qingmu had cheated on her.
  • Remembering that even someone as attractive as Xiao Moran who had a beautiful face and an hour-glass body had failed in her attempt to snatch Wen Qingmu from her, then there wouldn’t be any chance for other women.
  • “I can’t believe you bought that. God, Su Luoli, as a man myself, I can’t even guarantee that I won’t cheat on my future wife, so why would you think that my uncle won’t do that?”
  • “Are you hoping that your uncle has cheated on me?”
  • “That’s not what I meant! I’m worried for you. These days, even if your husband has no interest in other women, they would throw themselves at him! Your husband is brilliant, and many women out there are after his money and masculinity. Can you be more alert and keep an eye on your husband?” Mu Ranzheng could only give her a piece of his mind, which might not sound pleasant to her. “To be honest, Luoli, your body ain’t that great and you have a bad temper. After giving birth, your focus is all on the kids now. Moreover, your bodily shape has become worse after the pregnancy. You should be more worried.”
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