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Chapter 745 Unfruitful Love

  • In response to what Su Luoli said, Mr. Burt stopped in his tracks and turned around to face her.
  • “Mrs. Wen, why would you say something like that? Even though we kidnapped you, we’ve been treating you rather nicely. Is it really necessary to curse my family?”
  • “As my senior, I’m sure your mind is clearer than mine. My brother, Su Jianmo, is also the son of my father-in-law, Wen Hao. Since he sneaked out to visit me, my father-in-law will discover his disappearance in no time. What’s more, I’m sure my husband will also tell him about my kidnapping immediately.”
  • Su Luoli looked calm and composed. “By the time he finds out, I’m sure he’ll gather the powerful figures in Aye Valley and come here to get my brother back. So, wouldn’t that be a great disaster for the Burt family?”
  • Worry flickered in Mr. Burt’s eyes.
  • Frankly, Su Luoli merely wanted to give it a try to see what sort of effect her comment would have on him. Although Wen Qingmu and Daisy’s wedding ceremony got canceled last time, the Burt family just walked away nicely without doing anything. She supposed they behaved so because they were intimidated by the power of the people in Aye Valley.
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