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Chapter 269 Competition

  • The actors were assigned to the end of the New Year's Eve party in order to stall for time. These actors happened to all be this year's hottest stars.
  • "I thought Ruoyun's My Peerless Concubine was very interesting. How you feel about your first skit, Ruoyun?"
  • The camera cut to Su Ruoyun.
  • "Rehearsing for a skit is different from filming for a movie or for television. You can always retake a scene when filming, but you only have one chance for a skit. And in front of an audience, it was a challenge."
  • Su Ruoyun's answer was by-the-book.
  • "However, I'm a professional actor. Even if I'm nervous, I'm still acting. I think the most challenging and difficult was... Luoli? I'm sure you never thought that Luoli was so multi-talented?"
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