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Chapter 65 Inviting Him Out

  • The person who spoke had a short, no-nonsense hairstyle, bright eyes and even teeth. There was coldness in her eyes and she had a healthy tan.
  • Her all-natural face was frosty.
  • Wearing a black shirt and black slacks, she gave off an aura that screamed “do not approach”.
  • If Su Luoli had not seen her in television countless times before, she would not have been able to recognize this person as the amazing manager who had taken the entertainment industry by storm—Xu Xingru.
  • Xu Xingru had disappeared for a while, and had unexpectedly shown up looking like this.
  • Su Luoli remembered back then that Xu Xingru liked to tie her hair back into a simple ponytail. Her skin was fair and her eyes were clever. When she spoke, she was energetic and charismatic.
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