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Chapter 511 Such Gorgeous Looks

  • "I don't get it! I have been putting up with this nonsense all night! The private dressing room that was promised was not given, and none of the staff welcomed us! Finally, just when we have a private dressing room for a few minutes, you tell me that the performance is canceled!"
  • Before this, Su Ruoyun had been suppressing her anger for the sake of the performance. But just when things were finally looking up, they actually came and told her that their performance was canceled. "Miss Su, I'm really sorry about that. We have to make sure the events tonight flow seamlessly, and the performance before yours took too long. So, we have no choice but to cancel your performance. If there is a chance in the future, we still hope to cooperate with you." The staff member who was dressed formally was very good-tempered.
  • "There’s no use saying all this now! I’ve waited for the entire night just for this performance. Do you know how much effort I have put into it? You can't cancel it just like that! I am able to tolerate everything else, but I simply can't accept this!" Su Ruoyun roared at the staff.
  • "But we really can't do anything about it. The last performance is going to start soon. Why don't we invite you in advance for the next annual dinner?"
  • It was blatantly obvious that this was just a perfunctory rhetoric. After all, the next annual dinner would not be happening until a year later.
  • "You are breaking the contract! Call your person in charge—I want to talk to him personally!" Su Ruoyun crossed her arms, trying to make herself look calmer, but Jin Wei tugged at her clothes.
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