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Chapter 672 Saving a Troubled Girl

  • Li Qinqin held on to Apple tightly and didn’t want to let it go.
  • “If you want to go then go, but Apple stays.”
  • “No way. Apple is my dog and I’m his master, so he goes wherever I go.” Mu Ranzheng raised his eyebrows provocatively.
  • “Fine. Then you stay too!” Li Qinqin sat on a chair with Apple on her. “Ouch!” She immediately stood back up like a spring.
  • “What’s wrong?” Mu Ranzheng hurriedly asked.
  • “N-Nothing. It’s fine,” murmured Li Qinqin as her little face blushed. There was no way she would tell Mu Ranzheng that she was spanked by her father.
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