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Chapter 689 Goodbye, Mu Ranzheng

  • A week later. At the airport.
  • People bustled about at the airport, but the ambience was laden with sadness brought about by moments of separation. There were couples who looked reluctant to part ways, family members who were teary-eyed as they sent off their loved ones, and friends who hugged each other before leaving.
  • While a bodyguard was dragging one of Li Qinqin’s luggage bags, she was pulling one herself as well, a backpack on her back.
  • Li Hanjiang and Wen Lan were standing behind her, while Wen Lan was holding Li Junjie’s hands.
  • It was inevitable to feel sad for their imminent separation.
  • “Dad, Aunt Wen Lan, you two should head back home.” It was about time for Li Qinqin to board the plane and check in her luggage too.
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