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Chapter 546 I Knew That It was You!

  • Su Luoli was also stunned. Was her proud stepmother, who looked down on her and who had always scolded and beat her in the past, really going to kneel in front of her?
  • “Enough!”
  • Su Kun suddenly shouted just when Wang Wanxiang was about to get on her knees.
  • Everybody turned to look at Su Kun.
  • “Su Luoli! You’re an ungrateful child! Do you really think that you can trample on us and treat us disrespectfully now that you’re all rich and powerful? Let me remind you that I am your father! It is a fact that you can’t change no matter what! And how dare you ask me to kneel before you? Aren’t you worried that you might go to h*ll?”
  • Su Kun reached out and pulled Wang Wanxiang up. “I can tell that the both of you weren’t planning to help us at all! All you want to do is to mock and humiliate us!”
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