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Chapter 591 My Lady Is Gorgeous

  • Listening to Su Luoli’s reproaching voice, Wen Qingmu was even more confused.
  • “Go and take a bath! I’ll ask the servant to make a bowl of ginger soup for you.” She pushed him to the bathroom. “Go on. Take your bath. I’ll bring the ginger soup to you later,” she kept on saying as she turned on the faucet for him.
  • Seeing that Su Luoli was bustling around for him, Wen Qingmu slowly felt for her. “Li, about me and Xiao Moran…” He carefully tested her.
  • “I know, but I’m not angry about it.”
  • “But, there is even a picture of us kissing! Aren’t you at least a little mad at me? Or do you simply not care about me anymore?” Wen Qingmu grabbed onto her arm.
  • Su Luoli felt speechless. “So does ignoring you now count as not caring for you?”
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