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Chapter 800 The End

  • Sansan and Qi went to the classroom as usual to attend lessons the following week.
  • Holding Qi back, Wen Qingmu told him, "Qi, I hired another teacher for you. From now onward, you are not attending classes with your elder brother anymore."
  • "Why is that so?" Sansan asked, snatching the words from Qi's mouth.
  • "That's because he is too young. It is hard on him to have lessons with you, which is why you will attend classes separately from now on. That will ease his burdens," Wen Qingmu explained to Sansan.
  • Besides being younger than Sansan, Qi was also not as bright as him. Still, he was a person who did not want to admit defeat easily. So he had to put in much more effort during his free time in order to catch up with Sansan.
  • "Sansan, go ahead and start your lessons with Mr. Zhou. I will bring Qi to his lessons."
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