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Chapter 520 A Familiar Stranger

  • Xu Xingru was the first to call her that day.
  • “Luoli, I have looked into the collaboration with Mr. Xu. The news about Mr. Xu coming out of retirement was top-secret. Yixin International was the first to get hold of this news, and they have been keeping in touch with him too.”
  • “Yixin International?”
  • “That’s right. They have been discussing this the whole time, but Mr. Xu said that he didn’t know why Yixin International suddenly backed out of the deal that had almost been secured. Initially, Yixin International was going to recommend Su Ruoyun to take the position of the main lead, but they suddenly recommended you instead."
  • Su Luoli was taken aback by the news. This meant that Yixin International was helping her out this time.
  • But this was impossible. Yixin International and Star King International had always been rivals. Moreover, Su Ruoyun was the wife of Yixin International’s President. How could she allow Yixin International to stand on her side?
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