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Chapter 681 Suspended

  • Feng Qian was right. Wen Qingmu had even decided to strategically give up on Star King International not long ago. However, Su Luoli used her own capabilities and managed to make the new artists of Star King International shine during the Dark Empire’s annual dinner. Fortunately, the artists of Star King International performed well and it helped the company slowly grow stronger again.
  • Mu Ranzheng was the most famous artist in Star King International. The company had given him all the best opportunities because he was the earliest artist to join the company and an award-winning actor.
  • However, Star King International had signed many new artists in the past two years, and there were even some artists from other companies who had joined them so competition had been really fierce.
  • Any artist would be quickly forgotten if they didn’t work hard.
  • Even Mu Ranzheng had to join variety shows to appear in the public eye occasionally during his break to maintain his popularity.
  • Being restricted from taking on any jobs was tantamount to being suspended by the company. Without any jobs, he would lose exposure, and his opportunities would be stolen by other artists. Needless to say, his prospects were worrying.
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