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Chapter 589 What Drugs?

  • Su Luoli frowned as she was welcomed with strange glances and people gesticulating and gossiping behind her back.
  • Xiong Jinjin—who was in the same crew as Su Luoli and had a good relationship with her—was also present filming with Su Luoli.
  • “Xiong, do you think everyone is looking at me odd today?”
  • Xiong Jinjin let out an awkward smile and pulled Su Luoli aside. “Luoli, haven’t you heard the news this morning?”
  • “I can’t. My phone fell into water yesterday. It is broken.” Su Luoli avoided explaining the accident in detail out of embarrassment. It was all because of Wen Qingmu. Last night, she wanted to have a bath but Wen Qingmu insisted on having the video call during her bath. In the end, the phone fell into the tub.
  • She couldn’t open her phone afterward but seeing that the final shooting would wrap up today and she could finally go home, she decided not to call Wen Qingmu. Moreover, she didn’t tell him that the shoot was going to be wrapped today so that she could surprise him later.
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