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Chapter 758 A Conversation Between Father and Son

  • The conversation between father and son went without any drama. Neither of them displayed any emotion or raised their voices. Their eyes met one another’s. Even Sansan, a three-year-old, could tell that something was wrong with the awkwardness between them.
  • “Time to get up. You can play here for three days. Three days later, I’m bringing you to see Mommy.”
  • Although Wen Qingmu said ‘play’, his son wasn’t the slightest bit happy because it sounded like a judge was sentencing him.
  • Wen Qingmu patted Sansan on the head, finally showing a kindly smile. “Don’t you want to fly? Your grandpa can fly. He can send you up to the tall trees and let you ride a deer. There’s a lot of fun things to do here.”
  • Sansan listened, eyes sparkling brightly. “Really?”
  • Wen Qingmu nodded, then sat up and brought Sansan down from the bed. After washing and dressing him up with a little difficulty, he sent him out.
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