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Chapter 584 Evidence

  • “Sure enough, money solves the problem! Just a few days and she is already released!”
  • “We need justice! How can she get away with murder by throwing out money?”
  • As soon as news of Su Luoli’s release was put out, it blew up the Internet.
  • However, on the same night Su Luoli went home, the police station issued a statement on their official Twitter stating that she was innocent. Subsequently, Dark Empire and Star King International both released the evidence proving her innocence as well.
  • The evidence was an audio file that perfectly recorded the whole conversation between Su Ruoyun and Su Luoli, especially the part where the former revealed that she had framed the latter. Suddenly, there was a huge twist in the story.
  • Both parties stated that the audio was taken from actual video footage. However, since Su Ruoyun had passed away, they didn’t wish to show the video publicly, so they chose only to disclose the audio to the general public.
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