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Chapter 698 The Fall of a Superstar

  • Recently, the internet was flooded with news regarding Mu Ranzheng’s fall from being a best actor.
  • Even many independently-operated accounts run by individual users posting self-produced content wrote about Mu Ranzheng’s journey from a child actor up till his current state. They all said that he didn’t cherish his advantages and that was what caused him to be in the dire situation he was in now.
  • Besides, everyone knew that Mu Ranzheng’s agent, Feng Qian, was going around trying to find him resources. It could be said that Mu Ranzheng had completely fallen now.
  • In the beginning, Mu Ranzheng couldn’t find his way out of that entrapment. Reading everyone’s critics against him, he was extremely upset. Surely, no actor would feel happy after looking at this kind of news regarding themselves.
  • Even though Feng Qian went all out, he failed to bring resources for Mu Ranzheng. Therefore, Mu Ranzheng was staying at home all this while.
  • He had completely lost interest in games which he loved in the past. Perhaps he was influenced by Li Qinqin, his interest in comics started to grow.
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