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Chapter 344 Let Me Go Then

  • Over at the Huo residence in S City, Huo Yulong was having a conversation with Jian Yu in the study whereas Su Luoli was under their detention and had no means to escape.
  • “Has Wen Qingmu taken any actions?”
  • Although the Huo family was a formidable presence in S City, Huo Yulong was still alarmed because their opponent was Wen Qingmu.
  • “Wen Qingmu has begun the search already. Luckily, we were able to get away from him in time last night and we deliberately took some detours on our way back. There are simply too many highways that can lead here. According to Wen Qingmu’s personality, I’m sure he’ll search each and every road.”
  • Jian Yu let out a sneer.
  • Huo Yulong gave him a nod. He never doubted Jian Yu’s capability.
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