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Chapter 703 Walk Past

  • Even Mu Ranzheng himself could feel that he was as popular as before, and maybe even more popular.
  • He had debuted when he was a child and since then, people had praised and adored him. Furthermore, his acting career had always been smooth sailing and he didn’t have to face any obstacles at all.
  • Which was why he suddenly felt enlightened after his last experience.
  • “Feng Qian, I don’t want to go for reality shows anymore. I’m fine with variety shows but keep it to a minimum.”
  • When Feng Qian heard what he said, he was so startled he jumped out of his seat. “Are you crazy? Reality shows were the reason you gained popularity back then! Are you joking? It’s easy money! Do you know how much they pay a star to go on reality shows?! Do you actually hate money?”
  • Feng Qian was the same man he was before.
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