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Chapter 413 Force Her Hand

  • When Xu Xingru saw Su Luoli walk in Star King International, she was surprised. She had received a notice from Ye Bin a long time ago that all of Su Luoli’s work had to be stopped.
  • Xu Xingru had naturally heard about what happened to Su Luoli’s brother, Su Jianmo, so she had not arranged any work for Su Luoli recently.
  • “Luoli, why did you have the time to come over today? Is everything fine?”
  • “Everything’s fine, Xingru. I just wanted to ask you if there are any updates on Su Ruoyun.”
  • Even though Su Luoli had walked out of the pain of losing Su Jianmo lately, her face still looked gaunt.
  • “Oh, I see.” Xu Xingru found it a little hard to tell her what Su Ruoyun had been up to lately. “Have you seen the news recently?”
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