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Chapter 608 Do You Hate Me?

  • Su Luoli hugged Wen Qingmu’s neck tightly. “Dear, we haven’t met for days. I missed you so much,” she spoke in a sweet and soft voice that could make any listener go limp. As expected, Wen Qingmu’s heart softened upon hearing her voice.
  • “Did you really miss me?”
  • “For real! I missed you dearly. Please bring me along every time you go on a business trip.”
  • Wen Qingmu grinned from ear to ear and pinched Su Luoli’s cheek. “Alright, I will. I missed you too, Li. I almost went mad from not seeing you!”
  • Wen Qingmu landed a deep kiss on her lips. He only wanted to give her a peck, but once their lips touched, he couldn’t help but be lost in the kiss. As they kissed, it dawned on Wen Qingmu that he had been set up.
  • “Su Luoli, you tricked me!”
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