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Chapter 550 You B*tch

  • Su Ruoyun trembled in fear as she followed behind Murong Yi to their bedroom.
  • She was really worried that Murong Yi was going to ask for a divorce, but she knew that it was unlikely. After all, she was pregnant with his child.
  • At that moment, Su Ruoyun felt grateful for being pregnant. Otherwise, her marriage would have been over.
  • Murong Yi took out a bank card and placed it on the table.
  • “I will give you a 50,000 allowance every month starting from today and I’ll transfer it to this card regularly. It’s best if you stop running around and just stay home and take care of the baby,” Murong Yi said coldly.
  • “Yi, are you mad at me? I’m sorry. I really didn’t know that things would turn out like this. I’m truly sorry.”
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