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Chapter 477 The Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned

  • Xu Xingru didn’t expect things had changed so drastically since she last met Su Luoli a few months ago. Thanks to her sharp eyes, she immediately sensed something fishy when Su Luoli stepped into her office in loose clothes.
  • “Luoli, it’s been a long time. You didn’t come to the company to tell me that you’re pregnant, did you?” She lowered her voice on purpose. Even though this was her company, she didn’t want the news of Su Luoli’s pregnancy to spread. This was because even the artists within the same company were continually competing with each other.
  • It never occurred to Su Luoli that Xu Xingru could guess it with just a glimpse. She lowered her head to examine her body. “Is it really that obvious?”
  • “Are you really pregnant?” Getting her question answered still shocked Xu Xingru.
  • “I’m sorry, Xingru. It was unintended.”
  • Xu Xingru found the situation complicated, as Su Luoli’s pregnancy meant that she would retire from acting for some time. Su Luoli was personally cultivated by her and would soon dominate showbiz. However, the pregnancy would put a stop to her career. “Luoli, are you pregnant out of wedlock?”
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