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Chapter 449 I Only Have One Heart

  • “But I think as a doctor, you should try to prevent the patient from giving birth to the child if you find out that there’s a problem with the child. Isn’t that true? “
  • “Mr. Jian, of course that is the case in theory, but the baby is not the doctor’s child. Even if it’s really confirmed that it’s a deformed child, doctors can only give advice to the patient. We will never force the patient. Every parent has the right to their child’s birth. Other people have no right to decide the life or death of their children.”
  • Her every word shook Jian Yu's heart.
  • No one except the parents could decide the life or death of their child.
  • “Mr. Jian, if you have no other questions, I need to get back to work.”
  • Jian Yu walked aimlessly as the doctor's words and the wails of the couple just now echoed in his mind.
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