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Chapter 527 Five Hours

  • The filming of the movie that related to the contract that Su Luoli signed with Mr. Xu was about to start.
  • Originally, Su Luoli didn’t want to act in other movies during the filming period for ‘The Legend of Queen Zhen’. After all, her baby still needed breastfeeding. However, because of that incident, she had to take up a role in the film.
  • What surprised Su Luoli was the movie that Mr. Xu signed her up for was ‘Sparrow Rising’.
  • Back then, she really wanted to act in this movie, but for several reasons, the role was snatched away by Su Ruoyun.
  • Many people were unsatisfied with Su Ruoyun’s acting in the movie.
  • She had wanted to act in the remake, but because her role in the remake of ‘The Legend of Queen Zhen’ was also originally acted by Su Ruoyun, taking another role in another remake where Su Ruoyun was the original actress would make people think that Su Luoli was deliberately doing it to compete with Su Ruoyun.
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